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Kick The Buddy – Tips To Play The Game With Perfection!

Kick the buddy is one of the new developments of Playgendary. The game has amazing gameplay and interesting features, which are making it popular among the countless gamers. It is easy to play this game, but you need to know about the basics. Start with the tutorial and then head over to real gameplay to have unlimited fun. The main goal of players is to beat the buddy with the help of various weapons available in the game.

This game is really beneficial to relieve stress, and that’s why it is loved by gamers of all age groups. Players should always make a good strategy and follow some beneficial tips to play the game in a better way. Check out the below-mentioned tips and start playing the game in a better way.

  1. unlock weapons

Plenty of weapons are available in the game that players should unlock in order to beat up the buddy in different ways. You can buy some weapons with the help of spending coins as well as gems. It is also possible to unlock some weapons with the help of watching video advertisements. First of all, try to know all about the weapons and unlock the right ones as per your requirements.

In order to unlock various weapons, you need to meet different requirements. And that’s why you need to check the requirements for unlocking various weapons. Always unlock the weapons wisely as per the funds that you have.

  • Opt for VIP trial

The game also offers a VIP membership for players that they can get by paying a specific fee. Before going invest in this membership, you should opt for a VIP trial. You should cancel the membership plan before the end of the third day. With the help of this trial, you can get numerous advantages. Try to get the best out of this trial in order to play the game in a better way.

If you have VIP status, you can access three additional weapons. In addition to this, you can get 100 gems and 1000 coins daily for free that you can use as per your desire. It means you can get a good number of gems and coins before going to buy the membership.

  • tips to get free gems

Gems have great importance in the game, so you shouldn’t ignore it. Players should collect a good number of gems with the help of using some imperative tips. Gems are required to unlock weapons and also for many other purposes. If you have enough gems, then you can do whatever you want in an easy manner. Most of the players are facing problems due to the shortage of gems.

To get rid of these issues, you should try to get gems for free. You can earn bonus cards in the game, which are beneficial to acquire free gems as well as weapons. The bonus cards are easy to acquire because you just need to kill the buddy.